Criminal Justice Op-Eds

Troubled Young People Deserve Compassion, Not Punishment, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, July 2013

Brown Can Release Prisoners Early Without Compromising Public Safety, California Progress Report, May 2013

For Real Prison Reform, Longer is Not Always Better, California Progress Report, January 2013


Science Features

Arrested Development, Nature, April 2012

Neuroscience shows that the adolescent brain is still developing. The question is whether that should influence the sentencing of juveniles.

When Geeks Meet, Nature, November 2011

Psychologist Simon Baron-Cohen thinks scientists and engineers could be more likely to have a child with autism. Some researchers say the proof isn’t there.

It’s All About the Structure, Nature, August 2011

For more than 20 years, Brian Kobilka worked to create a portrait of a key cell receptor. Sometimes, the slow, steady approach wins.

Missing the Mark, Nature, March 2011

Why is it so hard to find a test to predict cancer?

No Accounting for Taste (pdf), New Scientist, December 2010

Bitter, expensive and almost undrinkable — why is America’s craft beer getting so extreme?

The New Germ Theory, Nature, November 2010

What can microbiologists who study human bowels learn from those who study the bowels of the Earth?

In Their Nurture, Nature, September 2010

Can epigenetics underlie the enduring effects of a mother’s love? Lizzie Buchen investigates the criticisms of a landmark study and the controversial field to which it gave birth.

Cancer Crunch (pdf), New Scientist, July 2010

Could a bunch of outsiders help tame a global killer?

Illuminating the Brain, Nature, May 2010

Systems neuroscientists are pushing aside their electrophysiology rigs to make room for the tools of ‘optogenetics’. Lizzie Buchen reports from a field in the process of reinvention.

Flies on Film, Nature, November 2009

A unique collaboration is bringing automated screening to the study of fly behaviour and could change the way that machines see humans.

More clips in Nature


Swarm Robotics, WIRED – The Wired World In 2013

 To Boldly Go Where No Startup Has Gone Before, The Economist (Babbage), September 1 2011

Patches for Faces, Scientific American, December 2008

Amoeba Family Values, Science NOW, Nov 25, 2008

Left or Right, Flight or Fight, Scientific American Mind, October 2008

Primate Motions, Scientific American, September 2008

Task Group Summary, National Academies Keck Futures Initiative, November 2008

Building a Better Bubbly, Discover, August 2008

From Eye to Sight, symmetry magazine, January 2008

“Proneural Genes Drive Neurogenesis on the Road from Development to Adulthood,” in Adult Neurogenesis, Ed. Fred H. Gage, Hongjun Song, Gerd Kempermann, Cold Spring Harbor, New York: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press (2008).